Our French coaching has one single objective: to make sure you acquire the linguistic skills you need for your profession or studies, quickly and cost efficiently. That is why our programme is always 100% tailor-made, based on practice and straight to the point. We are located in an exclusive environment on the roof of Belgium, and we are open to adults as of 20 years of age not having French as their mother tongue.

The basic programme consists of five consecutive days* of intensive classes (Monday to Friday) from 09:00 to 17:30 (15:30 on Fridays), as illustrated below, noting that you can book several weeks of courses in a row to not only make tangible progress, but also to root it in your brain for good.

* Other formulae on demand.

During the totality of the 29 classes of the week, you will find yourself facing exclusively your coach… who will be interacting with you exclusively in his mother tongue, French. A course is strictly limited to one person and one coach, with the possibility, however, to have two persons taking the course at the same time provided they learn French for the same purpose and have approximately the same language skills. Since the course is based on practice – which is the most effective way of learning a foreign language – you will be required to speak and write in French intensively and virtually non-stop. And we promise that will be fruitful.

Our intensive courses are entirely shaped according to your specific needs and wishes, which we will enquire prior to the start of the course. Do you want to get accustomed with the French language in a given domain? Do you need to acquire specific skills or to prepare a professional mission? Do you simply wish to improve your overall skills in a professional context? We can meet any kind of request in any sector of activity. If, during the week, you are not satisfied with the way of coaching or with your progress, we will adjust the programme on the spot so that our approach better matches your objectives.

We are convinced that a French course will hit the bull’s-eye if its content matches real life practice. That is why we have decided to use materials that were drafted not by teachers for students, but by real individuals in situations of the real world. You also have the possibility to bring your own professional  material for us to base our coaching on it. In addition, if you so wish, we have the possibility to organise field visits to French-speaking companies or places in relation to your domain of activity.

Our courses are quite demanding and energy-consuming; that is because we have the ambition to serve demanding students. However, applying the motto ‘Mens sana in corpore sano’, we reward our students for their hard work and dedication by offering them a unique, luxurious environment amid nature in which they can unwind after each intensive day… and after their daily homework!

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